Common Opiate Addiction Treatment Questions And Concerns

The effects of addiction can be far-reaching, and it is an unfortunate fact that many individuals that are prescribed opiates for medical reasons may find themselves addicted to these substances. When you find yourself battling an opiate addiction, it is important to be informed so that you can understand your options for treating this condition.

Is Opiate Detox Dangerous?

The detox period can be one of the worst aspects of beating a serious addiction. This occurs because the body will develop a chemical dependency on the opiates, and when you stop taking them, the body will go through intense withdrawal until it adjusts to being without the chemical. In instances of severe opiate addiction, detox can be extremely dangerous, and it may even result in death. For this reason, individuals should always go through detox under the supervision of a train addiction professional. When the withdrawal is extremely severe, methadone may be administered so that they patient can avoid life-threatening complications.

What Will Your Experience At An Inpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment Facility Be Like?

Enrolling in an inpatient addiction treatment facility can be an excellent way to ensure that you are receiving the type of care and support that you need to beat your addiction. Yet, it is important for patients to know what they should expect while they are enrolled in an opiate addiction treatment program.

Typically, you will need to undergo counseling several times a day so that you can develop the skills needed to resist the temptation to give into your addiction. Also, you will regularly be monitored and evaluated by medical professionals to ensure that your body is having a smooth adjustment. In addition to these tasks, there are also entertainment activities that are often scheduled as well as regular meal times. By ensuring that patients are comfortable and happy, it can be easier for them to realize that they do not need opiates to be happy and entertained.

How Long Will It Take For You To Be Cured Of Opiate Addiction?

Sadly, there is no permanent cure for addiction, and patients may find that they are periodically tempted by the urge to consume opiates. During addiction treatment, counselors will provide a range of skills for combating these urges as well as providing you with contact information for support specialists. These individuals can help you when you are being extremely tempted to abuse opiates, which can drastically lower the risk of relapsing into your addiction.